I am one of the most fortunate people I know. I'm surrounded by people I love, treasure, and adore. I'm doing something in my life that I enjoy, and helping others along the way. My creative side is being satisfied. I get to travel and make new friends.   -- Cindy

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Meet the Artist
Meet the Artist
-- Cindy Anschutz
-- Cindy Anschutz
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    Several years ago, I developed a rheumatic condition that suddenly closed the door to the fast paced, high pressure lifestyle I had been living.
    In an effort to fill the hours at home, I decided to turn an old fur coat into a teddy bear.
IT WAS AWFUL! Now challenged, a second, third, and fourth teddy bear was made; each a little better than the one  preceding -- I was hooked! Every day, my husband returned home from work to find "ONE MORE BEAR" sitting in his favorite chair.
  From the start, our dear friends, Carol and Doug Jayne, took a strong interest in my  teddy bears and asked if I would like to design a Christmas window display for their fine art gallery. The response to the bears was overwhelming. People insisted on buying the bears right out of the display window! Carol and Doug believed that something special was happening. Their encouragement, along with that of my husband, Chip, our daughter, Karyn, and close friend, Anita Miller, prompted the purchase of more supplies and 
ONE MORE BEAR   was born!
    During those early days, ONE MORE BEAR continued to grow as my bears flew out of teddy bear shops and appeared on the cover and inside pages of teddy bear magazines, and were featured in newspapers and books, both here and abroad. Kits, Patterns, a Computer Screen Saver, and a full line of Simply Sherman note cards have been developed, as well as "On Line" and "In Person" bear making classes.
    As the years passed, my bears have found loving homes across the United States as well as in countries around the world. Several times, our bears have taken us abroad to display at shows, to lecture, and to teach bear making classes. Many of my teddy bears have been purchased for display in museums.
    In 1996, I was given the honor of creating Gulliver, the traveling teddy for Good Bears of the World, an international organization dedicated to combat the ills of the world by placing a teddy bear in the arms of those in need of a hug. Upon the completion of his three year global tour, Gulliver, along with all of the souvenirs he gathered along the way, sold at auction for $6,700.00, with all proceeds going to replenish the supply of GBW's teddies. I was further honored when Seiff chose Gulliver to be the first artist bear ever to be reproduced by them. Gulliver was made for GBW: so I designated all royalties from the use of his image, to Good Bears of the World.
   Once again, I was privileged to be "Mom" to a second Good Bears of the World traveling teddy, Gallivant. Gallivant continued in Gulliver's footsteps and was auctioned to benefit GBW, and now resides in a private collection.
    Through the difficult times, these blessings have occurred because of the wonderful people around me. Chip, Karyn, Anita, Carol, and Doug. They not only offer encouragement, support, and ideas, they do paperwork, run errands, answer phone calls, and "Do Shows," with all of the time, effort, and muscle that's required. I am so fortunate to have them, as well as the many customers and friends that have become members of the ONE MORE BEAR family. I love you all. You are the ones that make it possible for me to continue doing one of the things I enjoy most -- making teddy bears.

It's true, when one door closes, another opens; I'm glad I walked through it.
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All Bears made by ONE MORE BEAR are high quality adult collectibles.
They have glass eyes and small parts. They are NOT intended to be children's toys!!!
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