(Green overalls)
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All Bears made by ONE MORE BEAR are high quality adult collectibles.
They have glass eyes and small parts. They are NOT intended to be children's toys!!!
* All prices are in US currency.
A replica of the One More Bear mascot, Sherman is designed to look like a love worn teddy of years gone by. He is always willing to listen and offer hugs, comfort, and wisdom. He loves to travel and share adventures.Sherman stands twenty inches tall, and is made of a semi-sparse golden mohair with wool felt paw pads. He is fully jointed and stuffed with a combination of poly-fil, pellets, and excelsior. His eyes are German glass. Sherman's features are all hand trimmed, stitched, and sculpted. Paw and foot pad details add to his "antique" look:. He comes complete with a white turtle-neck shirt and green corderoy overalls. Also included is a red One More Bear/Simply Sherman sweatshirt.
Sherman's Adoption fee: $225.00
Foot pad detail
Paw pad detail
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"One More Bear/Simply Sherman sweatshirt for your bear, with the purchase of any "Simply Sherman" Teddy Bear..

Foot pad detail